Black Friday deals are raining galore everywhere. And it’s hard to keep track of everything. But if you’re thinking of buying some games. movies, books or music from the Play Store. We’ve got some good stuff for you here. Of course, we can’t possibly list everything here, so we’ll be selective. These deals will end on Cyber Monday. So, if you like them, you’ve got limited time to decide.

Starting with games, there’s up to an 80 percent discount with some big titles. Below are some of them:

Google has also discounted movies upto about 50% and 25% on TV shows. That’s if you buy them right out. If you are renting them, all movies will be available at a price of $0.99. That’s a good deal.

For Google Play Music, you can get 4 months of free trial as a promotional offer if you subscribe now. When this offer ends, you’d get just 1 month. So this is also a good deal. There are subscription deals for other apps as well, if you’ll look around.

In the Books section, there’s a discount of 5$ on titles that cost more than 5$. However, this will be applicable from tomorrow. While some books will only be entitled to this discount on Saturday.

Also, these offers might not be available in your country as they aren’t running it worldwide. So be sure to see if they apply in wherever you live by visiting the Play Store.

Source: Google Play


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