Google Play Store might get launched in China very soon


Google Play Store isn’t available in China as Google had decades back taken up their services. The Play Store isn’t available in China, thus there are many reports that Google Play Store China is soon to be launched. And when we look at the facts, we get an idea that there are 80% Android users in China. This number give us an idea that it’s going to be a big deal.

Play Store in China

Another clue that makes this launch a sure one is that some changes have been spotted in Developer Console of Google Play Store. And even now China is listed as an option in ‘pricing and distribution’ tab, it means that now developers will be able to offer their apps in China. And we all know China’s large population will be very beneficial for developers.

The next important point regarding its launch is that China’s firewall isn’t blocking Google Play Store. Now users in China can use the Play Store from different regions across the country.

Well, the question still remains is that whether the full version of the store will be available or not? But the possibility of a yes is high.

Though we aren’t sure when this service will be available in China officially. We expect that Google is going to officially announce it. The announcement is most probably to happen in October

So let’s wait, until we have an announcement from Google.



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