Android is the most widely used operating system for smartphones. And about half of those smartphones fall under entry-level and budget segment sold in emerging countries. As they don’t come with powerful hardware, developers brought lite versions of their regular apps to run smoothly on those devices. And now, even Google Play Store recommends those lite apps along with Android Go apps.

The lite apps have been there for more than two years now. And the notable ones are Facebook lite, Messenger Lite, LinkedIn lite, Skype lite and others. But, what’s new is the Android Go apps which come preloaded on Android Go smartphones like Nokia 1, ZTE Tempo Go, Lava Z50 and others which will be launching in the coming months.

The number of downloads displayed on these apps’ pages already show how popular they are among the users. But still, there are plenty out there who don’t know the existence of these apps. And thus, Google might have started recommending these lite and Go versions on their regular apps’ pages. Also, when you open the app pages of lite versions, it will recommend the regular apps.

Do you use lite apps or the regular ones? let us know in the comment section below.


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