Play Store pings Speedtest servers with 100M downloads


The series of applications reached 100 million downloads on the Play Store and currently Speedtest by Ookla has joined it. Speedtest, a global internet speed measuring app has gained 100 Million downloads. You don’t have to keep it installed on your devices, but you have to rush to grab it when something disturbs your connection whether it is fast or too fast sometimes or slow.

If you have never heard it before, then you never had urge to test the speed of your data or Wi-Fi connection to show off in front of your friends or complain to your ISP. Speedtest provides a real-time graph of the connection speed, a history of past tests if you keep it installed long enough to build a history.

You should try Speedtest in case you need in a situation or you can grab it to see if your ISP is providing you with the speed you are paying. When it comes to testing your network speed, Speedtest app is an unmatched champion. I will suggest you try speedtest if you have never tried it before. You will add a few downloads to those 100 million ones.

Let’s hope more Android App to join this 100 Million club in upcoming time.



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