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Some of you might have got small amount credited as free Google Play Credits a little while ago with no prior reasons. More or less, we can consider it as a small gift from Google to encourage purchases through Google Play Store. Whatsoever may be, if you are planning to spend the obtained amount on some really useful apps, well, this is the right time and place. Since, here we have gathered a list of premium apps that are now on-sale on the Google Play.Play Store apps

Below you can find some really cool premium apps ranging across the categories Games, Utilities, Icon Packs etc. They are either discounted with price tag considerably less than there usual value or  completely for free. The former sub-set of apps can be availed by utilising your earned Google Play Credits if viable. Without much ado. here goes the list.

We have categorized the list on the basis of different types of Apps and Games.

Free Play Store Apps this week

General Apps

  1. Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm ($0.99 -> Free): Download
  2.  Travel and dance with the Nutcracker $6.49 -> Free: Download
  3. QR and Barcode Scanner – FastQR $0.99 -> Free: Download
  4. Image to text converter pro – Text Scanner (€0,59 -> free): Download
  5. Voice Recorder Pro $3.49 -> Free: Download
  6. Lensinator – OCR, Object, Barcode Scanner (€0,79 -> free): Download
  7. Skyclock $1.99 -> Free: Download
  8. Hourly Weather Pro App $4.99 > free: Download


  1. Ear Cat ($4.49 – > Free): Download
  2.  Night of the Full Moon $1.99 -> Free: Download
  3. True Skate $1.99 -> Free: Download
  4. Red Ball Adventure 3D (€0,99 -> free): Download
  5. Wumbo’s Adventure (€0,89 -> free): Download
  6. Natural Soccer – Fun Arcade Football Game (€2,99 -> free): Download

Icon Pack

  • Circlet Icon Pack 🌀 $0.99 > Free: Download
  • Erimo – Icon Pack $0.99 >Free: Download

  • Ascio – Icon Pack $0.99> Free: Download
  • Fivo – Icon Pack $0.99 > Free: Download



  1. Crimsonland (₹750 -> ₹80): Download
  2. 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure (75% off) (Rs.260>>Rs. 65): Download
  3.  Seige of Dragonspear (₹650 -> ₹370): Download
  4. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise (€0.79) (80% off): Download

Miscellaneous Apps

  1. App2SD PRO: All in One Tool (Rs. 130.69 -> Rs. 65 [50% OFF]: Download


Andromeda ★ substratum stock rootless backend 8.0+ (Unreleased) $1.99 -> $0.99: Download

VectoRise Wallpapers $0.99> Free: Download


  • iClassics Collection All for $0.99: Download

Go get them before the offers ooze out!


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