Google Play Store showing top chart ranks in individual App’s listing


A few users are getting a sight of minor changes in application installation page on Google Play Store. Google Play Store made it easier for the users to open an app and check whether it is worth downloading or not.

It is a minor change which many of us won’t even notice. When browsing applications you might see a line under the Install/Uninstall options. It tells you an app’s current top chart rank in its own category. It is helpful in a way that when you reach an app’s listing from Play store’s Search. But you are not sure about its popularity, you may download it if you knew it was in the top 10 or 20 or even 100 in its category.

It is a pretty good move as it will allow user to gain more information from the same layout. It will render more information in same space which is a welcome move and we expect similar kind of changes in near future to Play Store app.

This was seen on the Google Play Store’s Version 8.2, but it is not showing the updates for all the devices that are running Play Store version 8.2 to the latest Play Store version 8.3.41. It seems to be a server-side test that has reached to a few users only.

Have you seen these changes in your Play Store? Do check and let us know.




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