Google Play Store update brings App’s sizes on the homescreen


Google Play Store, from the recent months has been frequently updating its app. The main reason is to make it more efficient as well as easy to use. The recent change that has come up is that now users can also see the size of the Apps on the home screen. It’s a good move by Google to showcase the size metric for the easiness of the user. Google Play Store update is not live for all the users.

Play store homepage app sizes

Isn’t it interesting ? Earlier we had to open the app and then check the size of it. But now, you don’t need to do that. It’s the recent change that Google did in the Play Store. Well, by recent we meant that most of the users saw this change Saturday morning. So it’s the latest update to the app (server side).

The best part is that it is showing the size of the apps precisely i.e 9.6 MB or 10.8 MB etc. Though this new feature isn’t a very new one, Google had been working on it since the last one month. For now if any user does not like this feature, you don’t have the option to disable it.

Though for now this new update is for a few consumers, but in the next few days will be available for all users around the World. Right now, we have to wait for it as it will take time to reach to us. If you can’t see the app sizes on the home screen wait for a day or two.

How many of you have already received the update?



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