Google play Data Saver

As you all know that Mobile data is very valuable thing for any smartphone user. So, Now after the YouTube video features which saves your data, Now Google will let you make a Queue for Downloads while you are using mobile data in Google Play. Currently Google is testing this feature with small amount of users.

Google play Data Saver

This feature will let you queue up apps to download over Wi-Fi once you finally get to a connection, helping save data without letting you forget about that app you wanted. Earlier, you gets the notification on your screen to use WiFi or to continue Download on Mobile Data when you try downloading something large in size, and it you want download on WiFi. Then you left with no option to postpone the download. With the new feature you can postpone the download by making a Queue to be downloaded when you will be on WiFi.

However, this feature is currently in Testing mode and that can be removed from the Google if it doesn’t go well. But, we think this will be a very Good feature to have.


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