Google Files Go app

Google has earlier introduced its Android Go for budget devices and for those smartphones a separate set of applications were designed too. Most of the Go-series apps are limited to Android Go OS, some of them are available to all. One such application is Google’s Files Go. It was revealed by Google a long time ago and comes in handy when your files are messed up in the phone or SD-card’s memory. It somewhat acts like an explorer and a cleaner. It has just received a new update, so without wasting any moment let’s know more about it.

Google Files Go app

The new update brings a set of new features to the app. For your kind information, the update includes new share tab, offline file sharing service, file extraction, refined clean-up, etc. With this update, Google’s major concern is the offline file sharing and by using it you can enjoy super fast transfer speeds up to 455 Mbps. The clean-up feature can now clean up useless or duplicate videos as well. The new Share tab helps in easier operations.

After installing it you can get a clean and straightforward interface which will gonna help you in long run. As mentioned above the share tab makes it easier to trigger offline file transfer. This file sharing service is quite similar to what we have seen on services like Xender, Shareit, etc. It utilizes Wi-Fi to transfer files wirelessly. The app is currently in the release phase for the traditional Play Store though for your ease we have provided an active link below.

Download Google Files Go


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