Google Releases Android L Emulator for Intel Computers


Android L launch and the Nexus 6 launch is just about to come, and we are hearing a lot about them. And recently the Android Developer Community just released the Android L emulator for Intel x86 64 bit CPU’s.


It has been basically developed for developers to help them update their older adios in accordance with the new Android L and test them. Also for the developers to build new apps, on the new version. Moving it to the 64 bit is am intelligent choice as our would allow the developers to use more addressable memory space, more registers and larger number of intrusion sets while coding and developing their apps.

Also to note that the sous which have been built on Java will have the benefits of 64 bit by default. But if the adios are coded on Android NDK, they will need some optimization to get the 64 bit build. This emulator would only run on the Intel chips, and Google would shortly release the emulator for ARM chips too, so that developers using those are able to update and develop their apps too.


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