Google Duo

Google Duo is a well known Video Messaging app launched by Google in 2016. In recent, Google has released a new update for the application. This new version brings a couple of invisible changes to the app, however, some changes can be noticed. This new version has been rolled out for a reason but hardly any visible change exists there. We believe that some internal changes have been made to the app so let’s check out some more information about it.

Recently according to source which has performed the breakdown of the application has reported a number of forthcoming changes in the following application. As per the breakdown, the app will soon offer a feature called as “Contact Groups”. The contact menu in the app is very simple and easy to understand. As reported this new feature will allow users to create a specific group of selected members and will appear by long pressing the contact card.

As per the source, Screen sharing has also experienced a reasonable amount of change. The fresh update brings permission to draw over other apps whenever it asks. Do note that breakdowns are experimental and they don’t tell us 100% accurate information about the applications. The new Duo application has been made available through some third party links. The link has been dropped below from where one can upgrade the application on his/her device. The changes mentioned above are expected and have not been rolled out yet.

Download Google Duo v30


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