Google Releases Nexus Security Update for March 2016


After February and January Security Update, Google is little late this month but finally they are out with the latest Security update for Nexus devices.


Google has provided fix for the major Keyring vulnerability which has affected around 66% Android devices. Overall, if we count than Google has addressed 19 issues all over the OS. The March update for Android addresses six Critical issues, eight High issues, and two Moderate issues.

Here’s a list of issues fixed in this update:

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in MediaserverCVE-2016-0815
Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in libvpxCVE-2016-1621Critical
Elevation of Privilege in ConscryptCVE-2016-0818Critical
Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in the Qualcomm
Performance Component
Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in MediaTek Wi-Fi DriverCVE-2016-0820Critical
Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in Keyring ComponentCVE-2016-0728Critical
Mitigation Bypass Vulnerability in the KernelCVE-2016-0821High
Elevation of Privilege in MediaTek Connectivity DriverCVE-2016-0822High
Information Disclosure Vulnerability in KernelCVE-2016-0823High
Information Disclosure Vulnerability in libstagefrightCVE-2016-0824High
Information Disclosure Vulnerability in WidevineCVE-2016-0825High
Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in MediaserverCVE-2016-0826
Information Disclosure Vulnerability in MediaserverCVE-2016-0828
Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability in BluetoothCVE-2016-0830High
Information Disclosure Vulnerability in TelephonyCVE-2016-0831Moderate
Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in Setup WizardCVE-2016-0832Moderate


The source code patches for OEMs is also going live in next 24 hours. Well, Nexus devices will soon be getting the March security update.

Anyone here revealed the March Security update?



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