Google responds to display issues, extends warranty of Pixel 2 phones


Google has finally broken the silence regarding the Pixel 2′ display issues and posted a much-awaited response. The search giant has actually clarified two issues. Most importantly, the burn-in issue on the screen.

What’s surprising is that Google doesn’t consider it a big issue at all. The company has called it differential ageing. Further, the statement said, that the decay characteristics of Pixel 2 XL are similar to OLED panels on other comparable phones.

The brand also plans to push an OTA update that will optimize the software, and maximize the life of the OLED display.

The other issue was related to muted colours and dull contrast. To that, the company says there are settings on the phone itself to bump up the contrast by 10%. Also, a new update in the future will add more saturation to current settings.

Just to reward buyer, Google also announced the warranty of the Pixel 2 phones will be extended to two years.

Google has a detailed reply on its product forums regarding the issues if you wish to know a bit more.



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