Chrome OS 65 with local file search

The last major update for Chromebooks was rolled out in December i.e. Chrome OS 63. It brought Meltdown patches for new Intel-powered Chromebooks with kernels 3.18 and 4.4. Now, a new Chrome OS update with version number 65 is being rolled out with patches for Spectre variant 2 and Meltdown for older Intel-powered Chromebooks.


Google Chrome OS 65 update also brings local file search, video profile picture and options to control the voice pitch from lowest to highest in Select-to-Speak accessibility feature. It also includes a compiler-based fix which prevents kernel-to-user, guest-to-guest, and host-to-guest information leaks.

Here are some other additions which are included in the new Chrome OS 65 update

  • ARC++ WM resize shadow and drag magnetization
  • MIDI API support for Android apps running on Chrome OS
  • Advanced options screen for tablet setup
  • New setting for more accurate timezone detection

For Enterprise users only,

  • Enterprise policy for keeping account sign-in consistent between browser and device
  • Kiosk mode now supports mix mode for external displays, extended and mirroring mode simultaneously
  • Automatic Re-Enrollment for managed devices
  • Support device-wide certificates in SAML SSO sign-in

If you haven’t received the update yet, do not worry as it will be hitting your devices sooner or later. And if you have received it, then leave a comment below.


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