Google has first announced its Google Lens in 2017 at Google I/O and as per the official tweet from Google, they have rolled out this feature to most of the Android devices by today i-e 6th of March. It is a kind of magical tool as it gives you the ability to scan your gallery images and get the right information about them, we know that it might sound hollow to most of you but let me elaborate it, so without wasting any time let’s jump to the main facts.

We have used this feature in a number of devices including the Moto G5 Plus and if you are wondering it might not work correctly on the budget devices then you are probably wrong as it works super fine on the budget Redmi 4A device in our tests. This application can even identify the name of a medicine from the photo and the biggest example of it can be seen in the above-posted image. The app can pick phone numbers, address details from a business card with an ease.

Google is currently working on it and as per some sources, in future, the app will be backed by soo much power that it can even identify an individual as well. If you are using this kind of feature for the first time then it might appear a miracle to you as it can easily detect the monuments from an image, can detect the animal species, flower types, and what not. We were expecting the feature to roll out in a week or two but fortunately, Google has launched it earlier than our expectations.

If you can’t find this feature on your device then there is nothing to bother, do ensure that you are running the latest version of Google photos app as it only works with it for now. The Lens feature is not 100% accurate as sometimes it fails to detect certain images and shows “hmm, not seeing it clearly yet” message but with the time it will get evolved. An active internet connection is a must to use it.


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