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It always remains an essential aspect for search engines to be the default provider on some popular browsers. Usually, the fortune does not come without anything, and search giants have to pay a considerable amount to get to the default search on browsers. In a similar move, we have got a hint from the analyst firm, Goldman Sachs which claims that Google could pay $9 billion in 2018 to be default search engine on Safari browser.

google safari browser bid

Well, the amount is huge, but Google is going to earn much more due to its presence on Apple devices. It will help Google to maintain its legacy across all kind of devices around the Globe. Currently, there’s no hint about how Apple measures the fee amount. Is it based on the traffic, query searches or some advertisement profits? There’s uncertainty and disagreement about the methods that Apple use to measure the fee every year.

Similarly, a few years ago, Yahoo paid $300 million to make itself the default search engine on Mozilla browser. Later, Gooogle outbids Yahoo by doubling the bid and attained default search ticker on the Mozilla.

The bid amount is undoubtedly higher for Safari due to its user vast user base in countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Also, it is the most used app on the Apple devices.




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