Google Search Bar To Be Decorated With ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘Nearby’ Sections


Google is testing some new sections on Google mobile app’s search bar. Google Search Bar is going to get ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘Nearby’ sections as per the source.

google now serach

Google always tests these kind of features to give users more better ability to provide information. In recent attempt, Google is going to provide more informational weather cards. In addition, Today we have got some information about the addition of the two new sections to the Google Search bar on Android. These sections include ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘Nearby’ Sections.

Over on Reddit, a couple of Redditors have seen a slight change to the Google Now search feature. Few users have already received the update but many are still left and yet to receive the update. The new shortcuts, especially ‘What’s Hot’, drive more engagement to Search, while ‘Nearby’ exposes the points of interest data that Google Maps has.

Check for update for the Google App on Play Store and we hope you will recive these new sections on your Android device.


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