Google Search now auto plays videos for you


Google has made little amendments in the search app for Android. Now, users who will search some videos or videos come in search results, then it will auto played. Google is giving you an option to autoplay the videos that are visibleĀ in the search results. Google is making search much more user friendly and is allowing you to get search results in better way than before.

google auto play vidoe

Well, already Google has given the scroll option while displaying the list of videos of certain tutorials or songs or anything. Now, with the introduction of the video preview, Google has gone to one step ahead to manage the content. USers, can even stop auto play of the video content in poption. Further, they have addressed the worry of consuming more data by giving an option on “auto playing only when connected to Wifi”.

Right now, it is not clear whether Google will make the audio of the video audible while previewing or not. It will get clear when the Google will actually rollout the feature to its users.

The new feature is ready for the roll on the users devices by next week. All the users on Android and iOS will receive this feature via an app update.

In order to turn the whole thing off, you can head over to the Video section in the Google App settings.


  1. NOT Auto plays. It gives you a muted preview of the video. A HUGE difference. One is good, preview, and the other, auto play, is bad.


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