google search update

Google Search has now totted a new improvement with the ability to show certain movie factors. Now onwards, available on both Google App as well as on the browser, Google search will provide you movie ratings, showtimes, theater location and more.

The new feature should come handy whenever we’re planning for a movie with our beloveds. All we have to do is a simple search for “showtimes,” “movies” or movie times in a specific city. For example, say:  “Agra showtimes.” Then the search result will comprise of the latest movies running on various popular cinemas. You may also see the theatre-location, reviews and ratings. If not enough, even facility to book a ticket on-the-go will be provided on the search result.

Well, the feature seems to be live on only few countries as of now. As per the Google Blog, users in the U.S. and India in Hindi and English can make use of the function. However, it won’t take long for the feature to reach other countries and languages as well.

In case if you are unable to see the new movie info. feature. We’d recommend you to update your Chrome browser or the Google Search app to the latest available version.


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