Google has filed a petition with the judge presiding over the case between the Justice Department and AT&T over AT&T’s proposed purchase of T-Mobile asking to keep confidential data about Android from being disclosed to the public. Google had provided the information to the Justice Department as part of its investigation into the proposed purchase.
According to Google, the data is “competitively sensitive” and is in regards to internal products and launch plans for unannounced devices. It asked the judge to require both sides of the suit to give it advanced notice of possible disclosures in court or to outside experts.
“Without such additional protection, Google and other non- parties could find their confidential information – such as Google’s business plans related to Android – in the hands of competitors (or their competitors’ consultants), or even in newspapers, without having had prior notice of its disclosure,” said Google in its petition.
The trial is set to begin on February 13 of next year. [via Bloomberg]


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