In case you’ve missed it or aren’t following along, today is a great day for Android fans to start following @GoogleNexus and @Android on Twitter. It appears Google is about to start the next giveaway for the Galaxy Nexus. While you’re at it you might as well follow @Androids too. They have just tweeted that we should all stay tuned to learn how we can win our own tasty treat.

If you’ve ever followed @GoogleNexus you’ll know they’ve done this for every Nexus device released starting with the Nexus One. With puzzles and all sorts of different tasks the world of Twitter (and now Google+) can win their very own Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
No details just yet, but I must warn you guys that Google makes us work and work hard for their giveaways. Like I mentioned above we can expect to see some riddles, math equations and a few different puzzles that surely wont be easy. At least we have a chance to win though right? Again, make sure you’re following @GoogleNexus for the latest tweets.


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