Google is going to do renovation of the Sign-In page for many Google products and services. They have already developed a new look and is ready to rollout it on April 10th. Along with the look they have also changed the way you sign-in to your account.

google new sign in page

The change is going to be reflected on April 10th on all sign-in pages, products, mobile browsers and iOS devices. They are not going to rollout this technique for Android devices.

As like of the Android 7.0 Nougat permission overhaul, Google is implementing same kind of Permissions setup on login. The new permissions grant redirect will be added to the login process, and permissions requested by a site or service will be more explicitly stated. Google is going to increase the privacy awareness during login.

There are many other changes as well which are going to be visible starting from April 10th. The rollout will be completed in a span of couple of weeks. You need to wait if you didn’t received the changes on April 10th.


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