Google has now updated its Chrome for Android with v60. In the new update it gets some new features for users as well as developers.

By far, the most useful change for me is that those pesky spam pages won’t keep vibrating my phone anymore. Remember those pages that used to say, “Warning! you have a virus” and vibrate with sound. Now they won’t bother unless we click them. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t ring the bell.

Chrome with the latest update,  now allow users to connect to any payment app to work with Chrome. When PaymentRequest API was added, it allowed payments via their default services. Like Chrome would use only Android Pay and Samsung browser would use only Samsung Pay. But now that can change. Nonetheless, devs will still have to program payment apps to benefit from the new change.

And lastly, Google added a new search box widget. This new widget came into being due to a lawsuit by Yandex. Now, the settlement will eventually make Google use this new search widget for Russian Android phones. 


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