Google Stills v1.1 update adds loop button, delete button to the App


Google Stills was introduced just two months back in the Android ecosystem, before being available on iOS. Now, Google is updating the app with one neat little feature. The new update brings two new buttons to the edit screen. The first button adds loop functions to your short video clips. It will play the full clip and reverse-play it in a continuous loop. Earlier, this was not possible. It makes the short GIFs or videos much more.

There is another Delete button too on the same screen. It does what you expect it to do, it deletes clips i.e one more way to delete clips. Earlier, users would have to swipe left of the main screen.

Google Stills is in its plain form a GIF camera. It allows snappers to capture short 3 second clips and combine them to into one with stabilization and Fast Forward mode. You can view multiple clips in a stream and share your Still or GIFs with your friends from the app. It’s downloadable from the Play Store, if you want to give it a try.

Download Link: Google Stills for Android


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