android 5.0

Google, always try to cheer up things before the official announcement of any new device, Android’s new version or anything else. Like, Nexus 5 appeared in a video ahead of its actual announcement, and even Android 4.4.3’s redesigned dialer was shown off recently.

android 5.0

Even yesterday there was a Quantum Paper rumor, and today brings us a possible tease from El Goog itself. Two Weeks before the Google IO 2014, Google teased Android 5.0. Let us explain, Whenever Google’s new product is to get launch, a Nexus Device, every time Google uses the clock to show the version of Android that it is running. For example, the Nexus 4 was introduced with “4:20″ as the time, because it ran Android 4.2. The Galaxy Nexus showed “4:00″ because it ran Android 4.0. The original Nexus 7 had “4:10″ in the clock for Android 4.1. If you look at current pages for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10 on Google Play, they all show clocks with “4:40″ as the time. 

It seems that Google is going to launch the new Android 5.0 at Google IO 2014 event. But I think we are looking at Android 4.5, as the bigger releases usually come in the fall these days.

What you think guys? Really, Google is coming with Android 5.0 or we have to wait for the end of this year to get Android 5.0? Share your views with us via comments below.


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