Google is testing home screen icons for some categories in the Feed


Google is testing home screen icons for certain categories like “Entertainment” and “Sports” with some users. As we know the Google Feed has got some drastic changes and now it’s more attentive to user interests. But now the Feed has everything mashed together. What if you just want to see stories or info related to a particular category, say Sports?

Google is beta testing this new feature for the same purpose. Some Google App users with v7.11 or 7.12 have seen the ability to put their categories as icons on the home screen. But there are just three categories right now.Those are Entertainment, Dining, and Sports. The Dining icon just does a search for restaurants near you. While the two other icons transport you directly to the respective category.

You can try and add these icons by opening the Feed or Google app and select one category under the search bar. In that section, Google will ask you if you want a shortcut. Refer the image for more details. These icons are like regular icons that can be moved deleted and kept anywhere.

However, this is a beta test. Not everyone is seeing the update. So this might just be a server-side switch. Let’s see if Google brings this to the stable build.

Source: 9to5Google


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