Google is constantly trying to improve user experience with the Play Store. Some of them are copied from its other apps and services. We remember, Google updated its search app for weak connections. Consequently, if you were searching for something and your connection was spotty, Google would send you search results when the connection stabilized. And notify you as well.

Now that feature is set for the Google Play Store as well. Earlier when you lost a connection, the Play Store would show a formal “No internet connection. Make sure WiFi or cellular data is turned on, then try again” page. Now, you will be shown a notify button. So when your connection stabilizes, you will get a notification. The notification will say “You tried to view this when you were offline“. Tapping on the notification will take you back to your searched page.

Take heed, this is a server-side change and no action is needed from the user’s side. You will get the feature automatically. As of now, it is just rolling out to a few users. But we have a feeling it will make it to the stable build.


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