Google is testing a pop-up that shows search results within search results


Search engine giant, Google is now testing a new feature in its search results which might be annoying or useful for its users depending upon their taste. So this new feature shows an odd looking pop-up in the search results and selecting it displays similar search results of other users under “people also view” heading.

google search results pop up

This new feature is not available for all the users and only few people reported this feature on their Google Pixel smartphone running on latest version of Google Application. Highlighted area in above screenshots shows Google’s new functionality within its search result.

Google is well known for testing its new features with small group of users before deciding whether or not to release them out to the public. Google might or might not roll out this new feature for all its users.

In case if you don’t know, Google is also testing auto-play videos in search results. For example, when you search any upcoming movie, you will see its trailer automatically playing on the right hand side of the search results.

Auto-play videos have been used by all major internet giant such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Google spokesperson already mentioned that they are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the Search experience.

Recently, Google has added a refreshed Dictionary card in search results. Further, they also going to Add Recent Tab And Lite Mode.

Let us know in comment section if you find any of the above mentioned feature in your smartphone or desktop.


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