Here  trend goes to the Google, Buy Now is ready for its show on the mobile search results. As per the Wall Street Journal, company is allowing to give online shoppers an easier way to buy products on small screens.


In some upcoming weeks, Google will rollout this feature to make results more useful for shoppers. It is an attempt by Google to make its search engine a stop for shoppers and to buy products direct with a click. Google reportedly will let shoppers enter their payment information just once, store it, and automatically load it for future purchases on Google’s shopping pages.

This will change the Google’s look to a retailer along with the information provider. Some retailers have also expressed concerns over it, they will lose their online identity and be subsumed into the Google brand.

Google has initiated this step due to rise of smartphone usage while shopping, in numbers it is much more than the PC usage in almost 10 countries. So, overall it can be accepted as a good step and we are sure Google has already prepared a solution of retailer’s concerns.



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