Google Translate Update

Google Translate app has been updated to the latest version 5.17 a couple of days ago. Though the update at that time didn’t board any worthy upgrades, some users are now seeing some visual changes on the translator. Hence, the changes are ought to be as a result of toggling the server-side switch that controls the roll-out.

The visual changes that are visible to only a few portion of users, has made the app more simplified and organized. The conversation mode translation feature, which was earlier difficult to access is no more the same. Since the new UI upgradation brings in an additional icon for easy access to the Conversation mode.

The new conversation mode icon is placed in between the Voice and Handwriting mode. In effect, a total of four icons are now available compared to the previous number of three. By clicking on the conversation icon, it opens up the same  full screen translation interface that was present in the older UI itself.

With the new visual change in roll-out, the need for entering the voice mode initially. And then, to tap the mic again after the first translation is done so as to trigger the automatic conversation mode will be no longer needed.

Moreover, there are minor changes here and there that further enhances the user experience. A simplified voice search pop-up menu that only shows a mic telling you to speak is also a notable tweak.

The latest Google Translate app can be safely downloaded from Google Play Store. However, it’s not necessary that the new visual changes will be appearing at your end, given that Google is yet to mass roll-out the update.


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