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Google+, the social networking service by Google is slightly revamped in the latest version of the Android app. The newest version 10.1 brings the white color scheme in the interface rather than red and dark grey as previously.

As you can see from the screenshots above, the newest version 10.1 on the right side has a white color scheme across the UI. Whereas until the previous version, the app had a red color scheme. And it is the only major difference in the latest version of the Google+ app for Android. Moreover, you will realize it as you open the app after the update as the white color is spread across the top action bar as well as the bottom navigation bar.

Further, the app may also retain an old feature which was discontinued in a short time. That feature is none other than the notifications for highlights. However, this option is currently disabled but it may be enabled in the coming updates as confirmed by the presence of code. When it goes live, the notification will display a heading ‘Today’s Highlights’ and tapping it will take the user to a dedicated section for the same in the app.

In case you are not using the latest version of the Google+ app, update it from the Play Store now.


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