Who wants some Honeycomb optimized 10.1″ Google Voice on their tablet? You are now in luck because Google recently finally pushed the official Google Voice update out that enabled tablet support. While we saw this with sideloading recently this build is final and available now in the Android Market bringing native tablet support.

The update brings Voice to version and now users can check voice mails and send messages and more all with Google Voice on their Android Honeycomb tablets. I have seen this discussed plenty in the past as to why Google has yet to bring a tablet version, same argument applies to Google+ that still doesn’t have a native tablet app either. For wanting to push tablets Google doesn’t seem to be helping the Honeycomb app market much.
As well as a few bug fixes and minor improvements not much has changed with the latest Voice other than the above mentioned tablet support. The user interface has a few changes as well as takes use of that context menu we all know and love at the top of our honeycomb slates. Head on down to the market and give it the install, or sideload it just for fun if you’d like.
[via Android Market]


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