The Google Voice app received an update today folks. Not only did Google add some much needed fixes but there are a few new UI changes too. First off at the top of the list you’ll notice them reference being able to make calls without data connectivity. What this means is once you call a number once, Google Voice will remember it and you wont need a data connection to call that number in the future. More details below.

Make sure to check out the new widget, and after updating make sure to at least open the new Google Voice App once on your phone so everything can get dialed in and ready to go and route calls. Here is a list of some of the changes as seen in the photo above.
-Does not require data connectivity for making calls to all numbers you previously called
-Warns you when no data connectivity before you compose/send text messages
-Fix for bug that required to click the voicemail play button twice
-Fix for notifications delays for SMS and voicemails
In the past I didn’t know Google Voice used data but apparently it does this in the background to route calls to G Voice. Now that will only happen once on each number rather than every time you dial. I’ve always had a few issues with notifications so that is nice to see finally being updated and fixed. I really like the new widget as we now have a bigger box for text. Feel free to download and enjoy the new Google Voice in the Android Market by clicking here.


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