Google Wallet Made its Way To The Web


The way we were sending and receiving money has changed from last few years. There are drastic changes in this field, Today we do not rely on cash and checks for sending money to friends and family. We use virtual transfer system like PayPal and Google Wallet. There is competition in the market, which compels the big players like Google to give more options to there users.

Google Wallet Web AppMeanwhile, Android pay is the main mobile payment system of Google. After the launch of Android Pay Google Wallet underwent some significant changes back in May of last year. Since than, Google Wallet has became an app that allows anyone with a US debit card to send and receive money for free within minutes, even if the other person doesn’t have the app.

Now Google has announced the Google Wallet’s Web App to compete with Paypal. Although Paypal is also popular for international transactions But still the Web app of Google wallet is  very useful for the people in US.


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