For those planning to travel to London to watch the 2012 Olympics, it is without doubt going to be one heck of a packed event especially during the opening and closing ceremonies. Such events are usually a great place for pickpockets to be active so carrying a ton of cash on you is probably not the best idea, and this is where Google Wallet plans to shine.
According to reports in a French newspaper, Google is reportedly planning to test its NFC based mobile payment services in London during the 2012 Olympics. A pilot trial could take place during the event although this has yet to be confirmed by either Google or the Olympic committee. It seems that Google is also in talks with several banks and distributors to make this work.
We have to wonder how this will work out and whether it will be available for all phones. Given how Google Wallet still remains a feature only Sprint’s Nexus S have access to, it will be interesting to see how Google will address this for the London 2012 Olympics, assuming that this rumor pans out.


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