Quick Charge

As per the latest Android Compatibility Definition Document – Google has emphasised Manufacturers to comply with the rules and ship Google-approved Android 7.0 devices.

Quick Charge

Google has strongly recommended that manufacturers must use standardised USB-C charging methods. Here’s what Google said:

Type-C devices are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to not support proprietary charging methods that modify Vbus voltage beyond default levels, or alter sink/source roles as such may result in interoperability issues with the chargers or devices that support the standard USB Power Delivery methods. While this is called out as “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED”, in future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers.

Right now, Google didn’t mentioned any direct ban on using them. But if we read it fully than it is indicated that Google can impose the ban on the fast charging methods.

Right now, there are plenty methods are available from different manufactures. Some of them are : Qualcomm Quick Charge, MediaTek Pump Express, Oppo VOOC, OnePlus Dash Charge, Huawei SuperCharge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and Motorola Turbo Charge.



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