Google WiFi Passport Service Launched


Here’s one another service Google made live today, Google WiFi Passport Service. Its an Android app that includes access to a variety of WiFi hotspots, has been spotted.


“It’s way quicker than congested 3G connections, and there’s no need to keep entering passwords or re-registering on hard-to-use Web sites either,” said Google on its site. Users are allowed usage of up to 3GB of data in a single day, or 7GB over seven days, and 10GB over 30 days.

A 20-day pass will cost 20,000 IDR (about $2.00 US) and a 50-day pass will cost about 50,000 IDR (about $5.00 US).

Currently service is only available in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta only. Google WiFi Passport service is attractive in emerging markets only.