Google is working on a deal to own HTC’s smartphone business


We all know that HTC is going through the odds in terms of its financial situation. Due to continuous loss in the business, HTC is facing difficult situation right now. Amid of the high end product launches, still HTC is not making to control the loss from past couple of years. All the bad marketing and strategy team is to be blamed if we talk with business enthusiast.

htc google buy

The situation has worsened over the past few months. Now, the situation is that Google is in talks with the HTC to own their smartphone business. HTC is in danger of extinction but we thinkĀ this is going to happen soon until unless taken required action.

Well, the latest talks areĀ about the overtake of the HTC’s smartphone business by Google. The news is totally unofficial and there’s nothing about it, the technosphere is talking about it.

It can’t be denied that Google can own the HTC as they did similar with Motorola in 2012. They purchased it and made it stand little bit and later sold it to the Lenovo after acquiring its patents.

Recently, it has been touted that HTC is preparing to launch the next Nexus or Pixel device. Overall, from this we can guess what Google is going to do with the HTC. They can lower down their manufacturing cost by owning the HTC for Pixel devices or any other hardware devices. There are many other possibilities that Google can make profits out the staggering HTC’s smartphone business.

Well, it is also touted that Google is not going to buy the HTC’s VR business (including the hTC Vive VR).

What are your inputs? What you think? Is it going to happen and what are the profits for Google?



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