Google Working on “Nexus TV” To be released in Q1 of 2014


With the stunning performance of the Nexus 5 and immense appreciation it got from the users as well as the tech geeks, Google is not going to wait one more year to launch yet another Nexus device.


If we believe a report from The Information, who has a source of information inside the Google, the company has been working  on Nexus TV. In an attempt to reach the living room after it reached people’s pockets with the Nexus 5. According to the report the device is said to be set Stop box, but it won’t get you usual TV broadcasts.

The company is trying  and working hard to deliver the Web contents, and all it’s rich content to your HDTV, much like the Chromecast did for the Smartphones. As the source states we could see Nexus TV right in the Q1 of the coming year, i.e., 2014, possibly in the next coming Google I/O event that is held every year.



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