Pixel 2

Google’s Pixel 2 duo is already criticized by reviewers and users for many things. Especially, the display issues on the larger Pixel 2 XL, more bezels than other flagships and no headphone jack. Sadly, another issue popped up in the beginning of this month regarding the OTA updates. And now it seems that Google is aware of the issue and is working on to fix it.

The new issue which does not deliver OTA update seems to be carrier specific. Because, only the users on Verizon, T-Mobile and Google’s Project-Fi did not receive the OTA update for the November security patch. In case you do not know, Project-Fi partially uses T-Mobile towers, hence the users on that network is also affected. Google also admitted that they do know the exact reason for this OTA issue. However, the Configuration Management team is looking into issues and it might be fixed before December security patch rolls out. Until then, the users can download the update and install them manually.

The Pixel 2 duo is always under the bugs and issues radar since its announcement. But, Google is listening to the users and already fixed many issues. Even the tech giant incremented the warranty period to two years to ensure their customers. But, who knows what issue will pop up next for this wonderful but cursed (just kidding) second generation Pixels.


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