Another rumor or we can say purported benchmark? has surfaced on the web leaking that Google X Phone scored 15000 points in AnTuTu Benchmarks While running on Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie. Now question arises that if  Android 5.0.1 is Key Lime Pie than what is Android 5.0? Its name ? or why Google directly bumped to Android 5.0.1 version?


If above AnTuTu screenshot is believed to be true than Motorola X might be called Google X, similarly as like of Nexus series. Despite having scores and name of next Google Device, however, not many other details about the Google X Phone are revealed in the screenshot.

Until now many rumors and discussion are being reported about the device. From Eric Schmidt to Larry Page, everyone talked and said something about the device. Recently it was also rumored that it might debut with 20 color options.

Well above picture may be manipulated so don’t take it serious as these are rumors. We have to wait for Google IO happening next month and we are sure Google might tell something about the Google X. According to past rumors Google X will debut in August.

Source: RBMEN


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