google's 18th birthday

Is it true? Yes, Today is Google’s 18th birthday as depicted by Google itself in its Doodle. Google has published a Doodle created by Gerben Steenks, depicts the letter “G” as a balloon modeller.

google's 18th birthdayWe think the date is not factually true if we go according to Google’s past Doodle celebrations.

While Google has celebrated its birthday on September 27 for the past 10 years , that hasn’t always been the case.

In 2005 Google published a birthday doodle on September 26, in 2004 it was put up on September 7, and in 2003 it was put it on 8 September.

Also, Google might not even be 18. If we use one date – when the domain was first registered – then the company turned 19 on 15 September this year.

But if Google was 18, and so founded in 1998, then there’s a lot of dates to celebrate too.

As company is celebrating it today, let’s say Happy Birthday to Google!!

Google annocuned 5 new products in India. have a look in next article.


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