If you’re reading this and you’re even a casual user of Twitter, you probably want to hit this link up right away. Google’s Android development team has just created its own Twitter account, @Android. Just an hour after their first message, they’ve already over 4,000 followers – and it’s growing fast.

Google’s most impressive feat of the day might have been securing that short and sweet Twitter handle – try signing up for a new account today and getting a snappy username. Twitter has been known to work with celebrities and companies for marketing purposes, and since Google’s as big as it gets in the tech world, we’re sure they came to some kind of amicable arrangement. The @Android avatar is currently the official Ice Cream Sandwich statue chilling out on the Google Campus.
The account only has two tweets at the moment, but you can bet they’ll be highlighting the latest and greatest in the Android world soon enough. For a more in-depth look at the inner workings of the Android dev team, be sure to check out the official Android Developers Blog. Oh, and while you’re at it, add Android Community as well – our Twitter handle is almost as good as the official one: @Androids.


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