Android N Nori

It might be troll or Google is teasing us with the new Android N name. Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President for Android, tweeted out that he “received a tip” that Nori is not just a healthy treat but also tastes delicious.

Android N Nori

For all those who don’t know what is Nori then you need to search about it on wikipedia as Lockheimer linked to a Wikipedia article about Nori in his tweet. Basically, it is basically seaweed and can be typically found in Japanese cuisine, along with several other Asian fares.

We can’t say anything about the Android N linkage to this tweet but we can’t even deny any attachment to the upcoming version of the Operating System. It can be his favourite food that he wants to share with whole world or it can be a hint or tease to upcoming Android N.

So what do you guys say about it? Is it going to be Nori or somethings else. Share your views about the upcoming Android Version.



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