Google’s Spotlight Stories Comes To Youtube


Google’s Spotlight Stories started in a partnership with Motorola, can now be found on YouTube in 360 degrees. You can watch “Special Delivery” on YouTube:

The latest film, “Special Delivery,” arrives just in time for the holidays and was created by Aardman Animations.

“Special Delivery” is the latest of Google’s Spotlight Stories, a new genre of 360-degree videos made for mobile devices. The twist: Spotlight Stories invite viewers to move their phone to explore a story, and use it like a window to an invisible world that surrounds them. It’s almost like virtual reality, without a headset. “We are pioneers in 360-degree storytelling,” said Aardman co-founder and creative director Peter Lord in an exclusive interview with Variety this week, adding: “It’s just been a thrilling project.”

To make “Special Delivery” work within the YouTube app, Google’s engineers essentially had to load code that’s more like a gaming engine within the YouTube player without slowing down the experience on hundreds of millions of phones.

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