Google has its strong operating system ruling the market called Android. But in case you folks don’t know Google is working on another operating system as well i.e. Fuchsia OS. As suggested by the fresh information a team of around 100 members belonging to Google is working on it for as long as two years. Earlier there were reports that Google’s Fuchsia OS might replace the existing Android OS. But the latest details revealed are indicating a whole new tale. So let’s check out more facts surrounding it.

When someone migrates from Apple’s iOS operating system to Android they often report that it is not as fluid or smooth as the one Apple offers. It is because of the fact that Android is an OS based on Javascript which results in performance issues. Although compared to Android, Fuchsia OS is being built from the bottom which means it might pack the advantages which will make people move from Android to it. The technology world is fast-paced and dynamic due to which we can’t guarantee any facts. But we believe in future Fuchsia OS can take the place of Chrome and Android OS.

AI and Machine learning is the future of computing, smartphones, and machinery. To make it more compatible Google might be working on an OS that can work on all platforms including PC, Smartphones, T.V, Wearables, etc and it can be the future Fuchsia OS. At present more than 70% of users on the planet are relying on Android. Convincing them to move from Android to Fuchsia OS would not going to be an easy job for Google. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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