Google Home

Have you been looking for an excuse to get a Google Home?? No need to worry any more. Google via eBay has come with a great deal of offers for you with both Google Home and Chromecast.

Google Home

You can purchase a combo pack of both a Google Home and Chromecast 2nd gen bundle on eBay for just $99.99, making a total saving of $65 of the original price. Investing in this combo pack of Google Home and Chromecast for $99.99 would be a good allot for you in making your smart home Google oriented. This is the best Google has in store for you .

If you do not want to invest in this combo pack, you can simply go for Chromecast. You have 2 options available for you if you choose to go for Chromecast- the standard 2nd gen model or the Audio for $25, saving $10.

The standard 2nd gen model of Chromecast is available in all colors- Black, Lemonade, and Coral. Whereas, although the Audio Chromecast is available in either black or yellow color scheme.

Order before it gets out of stock as the deal is limited for time period till stock lasts. The deal also comes with free shipping policy.

Source: – eBay, Google Store (CC)(CC Audio)


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