improve performance android

improve performance android

Android devices are always known for their customisability, performance and lot of apps. Sometimes after so much of customisability, time and constant working, devices starts working slowly. Also, you might have noticed, technology develops pretty fast. It’s entirely possible that high-end smartphone that you bought last year is starting to hang up a bit.

So to boost the performance here’s a guide so that you can easily boost your phone’s performance. Before proceeding, let me remind you that you need root access for you device to make most out of these performance boosts techniques that we are going to tell you below.

Overclock CPU

SetCPU is an app that can help you to overclock your pc. It is a paid app and it will help you to take control of the processor on your rooted device. As well as being able to push it to output more power, you can also set profiles to change the CPU depending on what apps you’ve got running, whether you’re charging your device or want to know how much battery like you’ve got left. It also monitors the temperatures of your device to make sure that you’re not putting it in danger.

overclock android processor

Follow our old guides for processor tweaking:

Other apps for Power Boosting:

  • Easy Battery Saver – A neat looking, fully featured battery saver that lets you make sure you’ve always got enough juice to keep your phone or tablet running and it gives a breakdown of your usage too.
  • Power Tune Up – A handly in all in one app that enables you to keep an eye on your regular power usage, shows you how you can save your power ans also tells you how much data you have used.
  • Memory Booster – An app that lets you quickly tweak the settings of the RAM on your device, killing processes to make sure that everything runs as smoothly and swiftly as it possibly can
  • Bluetooth Power – An app that turns your bluetooth on when you plug your phone in and off when you unplug it. It also switches your bluetooth off if you haven’t paired for two minutes, which is handy.
  • Overclock your Android – Another overclocking tool that offers a set of widgets so you can keep an eye on your CPU from your homescreen. Also lets you to set up profiles.

Automated Task Management

android automation

ZDbox is an app that kills the tasks and processes to speed up your device. One way to speed up your device’s performance is to make sure you’re not using anything you don’t need to. You can set it to kill everything when you lock your screen as well and it will also clear your cache to free up even more memory.

Improve Graphics Juice

First of all you can do some tweaks by just going to the “Developer options” button. Then heading to the bottom of the next page and tap advanced. On the advanced tab, scroll to “Force 4x MSAA” and tick the box. This will improve performance for graphics.

android graphics

There’s an app also known as with the name of GLTools. It lets you to play all latest games on low-end Android devices. Using this tool you can set a custom resolution and rendering mode on a per app basis. Not only this it also allows you to change the GPU name for unsuitable Games.

AutoStarting Apps:

autorun manager

Use Autostarts to set which apps boot up when you start your rooted phone or tablet. As like of every operating system, there are some programs which gets started at the first stage when system boots up. Similarly, in the Android operating system apps gets started on boot of the system. If your boot time is really slow then you can try Autostarts app from the Play Store. It helps you to select the apps which you want to start at the boot. This way you can save battery and can minimise the boot time.

Delete Files Of Uninstalled Apps:

Sometimes it happens that we usually uninstall an app but its cached files remain present in the file manager. So to clear that and free up some space you can use ES File manager or SD Maid.

Flash Custom ROM:

custom android roms

If you did all the above steps and still didn’t get much improvement than you need to flash a  custom or faster ROm compatible with your Device. In custom ROMs, the features are already tweaked to full extent and you can manage your CPU power from the settings, you not need to install any third-party app. You can even install multiple ROMs and swap between them using ROM Manager.

There are many custom ROMs available in the market but the popular ones are – Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, AOKP, etc.

More guides are to follow soon and many new App collections are coming. For the time being you can see our old guides:

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