If you are the sort that likes to tinker and come up with your own accessories and apps for your Android device electric Sheep will tickle your fancy. Electric Sheep comes from a company called SparkFun and can hook to your Android device using a USB port. The little Electric Sheep board takes advantage of Android’s Open Accessory Protocol.

The board will give the user access to the phone systems for developing accessories and apps for different uses. The board also allows interaction with a microcontroller like Arduino. The Electric Sheep board will work with any Android device, not just smartphones. It has a USB header onboard for direct connectivity.
The board uses an ATMega1560 microcontroller and bootloader. The USB-host connector allows for easy connection to the Android device using a USB port. Electric Sheep is compatible with Arduino IDEA and HandBag. It is also Arduino-shield compatible. The Electric Sheep board is priced at $79.95 per unit.
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