HBO to GO now in the Android Market


A few weeks back, we reported that HBO to GO would be coming to the Android Market. The we didn’t know when it would be coming to Android, although it was strongly hinted at May 2nd in their commercials. Well, HBO has released it early and the app is now live. Users who subscribe to the PayTV service can download it to most Android devices.

Why no xoom support??? That’s why people buy tablets for things like this… by Trey, April 29, 2011

We say “most” because it appears that users of tablets like the Viewsonic G-Tab, and Motorola XOOM, as well as older Android handsets like the Motorola Droid are complaining that they can’t use the app. Users who operate a rooted or overclocked Android device are also complaining that they can’t access the service as well. But newer Droid models, like the Droid X, and the Samsung Galaxy S are enjoying the service. So it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to the user reviews section to determine if your handset has any trouble.
HBO to Go gives users the option to watch episodes of original HBO programming, as well as feature films available. It’s designed to be a one stop shop for payTV fans looking for a streaming option like those offered by Hulu Plus and Netflix. However, it’s not without it’s shortcomings. In addition to limited device support at this point, Comcast subscribers are foreced to use the XFinity page or Comacasts proprietary apps in order to access the service.


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